FRAGIL by zazo and brull

Neomoda. Spanish website with latest news of fashion, art, music, models, events…

Fashionoffice. Magazine editorials on fashion, beauty, art. Also the Fashionoffice map shows in Google map interesting fashion points worldwide.
LeCool. It is a free weekly cultural agenda an alternative city guide of: Barcelona, Madrid, Lisboa, London, Istanbul, Dublin, Moscow and Budapest.

NewsFashionWeek. It is a spanish website fashion with editorials, trends, news and urban culture.

Unseentrends. It  is a freelance fashion editor site, dedicated to report diferent fashion labels.

Heelsandcigarrettes. It is a spanish site about fashion news and trends. It is a spanish website that covers the major events in the world of fashion and interview professionals related to fashion.

Monsieur Privé. It is an independent fashion editor site, dedicated to report fashion, art and events.

UNDERDOGS. It is an independent online magazine about art and trends.

E-notes. It is included in Artnotes, an international magazine about art.

BCN Cool Hunter. It is a site about fashion and trends in Barcelona.

Dependent Magazine. It is a spanish site about art, cinema, photography, books, fashion… and trends.

In the Birdcage. It is an australian fashion&art site based in Fitzroy, Melbourne. They feature fashion&art which is independent, underground&avant garde.

Mini Tangerine: Spanish website about fashion, trends and events.
GOOD2B: English and spanish website featuring: fashion & beauty, art & design, wine & dine and nightlife & events.

La Salita de Estar. Spanish website where Frau Blau, Miss Blue and La Sra. Azul reports fashion events and shopping places.

Moda y Pasarelas. Spanish site that features news about fashion&beauty.

Arts Santa Mónica. It is a Barcelona space of convergence and crossover between the different disciplines of contemporary artistic creation and science, thought and communication. Art as an engaging of aesthetic enjoyment, knowledge and experimentation on the plane of critical and emotional communication. Science  as culture, conceived as one of the nucle of creativity. Communication, as an object of attention and reflection in its interrelations with the arts and society, and as a platform of existence and expression of the centre itself.

ADN Magazine. It is a magazine open to all disciplines related to artistic expression. 

Agente-k. Spanish On-line Magazine about beauty and Fashion. Indpendent on-line Newspaper.
Qashqi Urban life. Urban Agenda of Barcelona, Madrid, Valencia and Sevilla.
WAAAU: Barcelona Urban Agenda.
Red Fashion. The fashion community magazine.

Dooplan: Spanish web site specialized in social events. Spanish site of events.

By Zazo & Brull
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